Result driven ecommerce development

We build more than just websites. We start by learning about your industry so that we understand your business and what is required for it to thrive online. Then we design and optimize your website based on what will appeal better to your most profitable customers, but we don’t stop there. After the website is published, we analyze a wealth of metrics to further optimize the sales funnel so that we increase your conversion rate and the results of the marketing campaigns.

79% of users say they won’t buy from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Web design & development

We build ecommerce websites that are beautiful, responsive and most importantly easy to use. It’s our privilege to be working on e-shops with 300k SKUs and high daily traffic which extends our experience in building high performance websites with a clear target on increased conversions.


  • Work flawlessly on smartphones & tablets
  • Increase online sales & conversion rates
  • Strengthen your brand online


Magento / WordPress / Responsive design / UX & Conversion Optimization / Landing pages / Optimized checkout process

Digital Marketing

Our approach in marketing your E-commerce website online is always driven by the end result; to increase your online sales. We work with you to create a digital strategy that will drive high quality traffic to your website based on the ideal customer persona through any of the advertising channels. Whether through Google AdWords, price comparison or affiliation websites, we do what we believe is best for your business to achieve your goals.


  • Brand awareness
  • Increase online sales
  • Reach new clientele


Google AdWords / Microsoft Bing / Facebook Ads / Retargeting / Email marketing / Affiliations / Price comparison sites

Shopping from a mobile device has increased by 45%.

SEO & Content Marketing

Content is king when it comes to ranking higher in organic search results. Content and backlinks that is. Our websites are built from the grounds up to be optimized for the search engines but you need proper content and good web reputation in order to make a difference. We can take care of this for you, from optimizing the texts, to adding proper metadata and publishing articles on websites relevant to your industry.


  • Higher ranking in organic search results
  • Increase web traffic without paying for ads
  • Increase your brand awareness


On-Page optimization / Content creation / Content optimization / Link building / Internal

Social Media Optimization

You probably have a Facebook page already, so does your competitor, and the other one down the road; and you all try to reach the same potential clients. When the average user spends 120 minutes per day on social media though, you should take the necessary steps to stand out of the crowd and put your message ahead of the competition. We can create your social media plan, generate the necessary content, build a valuable target audience and optimize your whole social presence.


  • Optimize your social presence
  • Reach new potential clients
  • Increase website traffic
  • Expand your brand awareness


Social media calendar / Content creation / Photo curation / Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads / Post publishing

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